The decisive success factor for our company: Outstanding employees!

Our demand for customer-oriented service quality is the basis of our success. We offer a personal working environment with a strong team spirit. Communication and decision-making are short. Whether you are a professional or a school graduate, we have excellent prospects for you.

Sustainable staff policies

Social and performance-oriented with a focus on education

Zellstoff Stendal is one of the largest employers in its region. Approximately 600 members of staff work here. Our HR work focuses especially on training and further education. At present, 30 trainees are learning a trade at Zellstoff Stendal. In addition, we invest in comprehensive special training programmes for our employees. Attractive apprenticeships are available at Zellstoff Stendal every year! In order to secure human resources for the long term, our apprenticeships focus particularly on occupations that are under-represented in the local labour market. Click the “Training” link for details.

You can also read about the experiences of our trainees first hand.

For more information, please contact our HR department. You can reach us per e-mail at or over the phone, 039321 55-416.